We’re the Uncanny Book-Club – occasionally, but not always, shortened to UBC. Basically, we like books. We like comics. We like movies. We met at a Bookshop in Zürich and we had an idea that went something like “Let’s, like, talk about books… and stuff!” Granted, this was not the most fleshed-out idea there’s ever been, but it stuck.

Fast forward a year or two. The bookshop held a party. It was on this night that we walked away as the founders of the then-unnamed Uncanny Book-Club.


We want to make the world of literature into something that isn’t enjoyed just by one person alone, at home, in their living room. We want to talk about books and maybe sit at the lake while doing it. We want to discuss movies and TV-shows – seeing it’s basically writing with moving pictures associated with it – while having a projector and a screen set up to watch the thing we’re discussing. We want to nerd out together over the latest comic books. They’re writing with art. Just you wait what will happen when the new Sandman comic hits shelves.

In our projects, however insane they might seem in the beginning, we work together as best as we can. If you know someone who knows someone who knows something you might want to have at a signing, then by all means, go for it. Ask us how we can help and help us with other ideas. Because we’re nothing if not persistent and creative.

What exactly?

First and foremost, we are about books. So we read a lot. Then we sit down and talk about the books. Also on our schedule are frequenting readings and raiding bookshops.

We also go see movies together. Usually, they’re based on books or comic books. but we’re not limited to either cinemas or a genre. In fact, we’re planning on doing independent movie nights somewhere where we can show whatever movie we like.


Mainly because we can. And it should be done. There isn’t anything that moves you more than a good book. Sure, the term “page-turner” gets tossed around for every other book, but if you’ve ever read one, you know exactly what that feels like. We celebrate this. We all share the passion for good books and debates about books are seemingly never-ending when we’re involved.

However, we don’t just deal with books. In our debates, movies and comics fit in seamlessly with our discussing literature. Thus, we decided from the get-go that we aren’t just about books. That’s why movie-nights are a thing.


We’re mainly in the greater Zürich area. But if the need arises, we can travel.

You don’t have to live in any one specific place to join. You can be from Fribourg or from Arosa. From St. Gallen or Luzern. Sion or Basel.

We’re also building an internet presence on this site. We’re also on Facebook and Goodreads. So join us there, too. Basically, we’re everywhere.


The best answer to this would be “Every now and then”. There is no fixed schedule and we encourage you to check our Facebook-profile or the calendar on this site.

Do you guys only speak English?

No, not at all. We believe in conversation just sort of evolving. So if we end up speaking English, so be it. Usually, there’s an odd mish-mash of languages present. So don’t be surprised when you hear us switching languages in the middle of a sentence.

How can I help?

There are quite some things you can do. First and foremost, you can show up to our meetings. Check the calendar for when and where we meet. There you can actively engage in the discussion.

We’re also looking for new ideas. Do you have a book you’d like to discuss? Or a movie you’d like to go see or an idea for a movienight or anything? Let us know.
If you like to write, then you could write articles or stories for this site. We promise you that it will be fun.

Wait… what?

Yes, we’re a Book-Club. And there you thought things like this didn’t exist anymore. Psych!


  1. It says you can live anywhere in Switzerland to join–I’m taking your word for it! I would love to join, thanks!

    • Hi Leigh,

      Welcome! I’m glad that you found us. Feel free to join up for our events whenever you like. We’re having a comic book raid coming up on Wednesday at Kabooom in Zürich. All the details on what we’re currently up to are on our Facebook or in the sidebar to the right.

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