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This week, DC Comics‘ latest crossover event concluded with the release of Convergence #8 and the last of 40 tie-in series. We’ve read them all and here’s the order in which you should read them to avoid being spoiled by DC Comics.

Convergence - When World Collide

Convergence – When World Collide

During Convergence, DC Comics has halted publication of their regular titles and replaced them with two-issue miniseries that tie into the big event that sees all DC timelines and dimensions clash in an epic battle for survival.

In order to give you the best experience and show what the essential books are, I’ve put together a comprehensive reading list. Enjoy! Click on the

The way in which Convergence should be read.

The way in which Convergence should be read. Click to Enlarge

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  1. “click to enlarge” The image is smaller! I can’t see anything!

  2. Which tie-in issues should I read from the final week before Convergence #8? I’ve already read all tie-in issues from the first 7 weeks as well as Convergence 0-7. Trying to avoid anything in Convergence #8 ruining anything in the final weekly tie-ins and vice versa. Thank you!

    • The only things that are definitely set before Convergence #8 are:

      – Convergence: Action Comics #2 (leads into Convergence #6)
      – Convergence: Blue Beetle #2 (leads into Convergence #8)
      – Convergence: Booster Gold #2 (leads into Convergence #8)

      The rest just ends the way most miniseries ended without impacting the main plot.

  3. Hi Dom. Would you please post a list of the Reading Order? The image is nice but a bit confusing.

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