Fantasy Basel – A Preview

It’s only a few weeks until Fantasy Basel hits. Time to have a look at what’s going on and why we all should meet there.

If you’re into movie, movies, comic books or cosplay – a mixture between costume and play basically summarizing dressing up as your favourite character from popular media – then there’s three days this year that you need to save. Because those three days are the days you have to be in Basel to celebrate Fantasy Basel!

Fantasy Basel is Switzerland’s first convention dedicated to the geekiest of all hobbies. And from the looks of it, the organizers have followed through with the philosophy Go big or go bust, because here’s what you can expect between May 14 and May 16 at the Messe Basel.

Yaya Han

Yaya Han as Marvel Comics' Psylocke

Yaya Han as Marvel Comics’ Psylocke

The name Yaya Han is a staple in the costume building community. The 33 year-old Chinese American Yaya has created some of the most impressive costumes over the past few years. She’s been on television numerous times, has been a guest judge on the reality TV show King of the Nerds and she’s appeared on Heroes of Cosplay. Yaya Han is a professional cosplayer, which means that building costumes and showing them off is her full-time job. A dream of many a cosplayer out there.


Another professional cosplayer and proving that you can make this your job in Europe, Kamui hails from Germany. She’s been building costumes since 2003 and made it her full-time job in 2013. Her specialty are World of Warcraft armours and make-up.

Kamui as Marvel Comics' Dani Moonstar

Kamui as Marvel Comics’ Dani Moonstar

Svetlana Quindt, that’s Kamui’s real name, is also known for her books in which she teaches newcomers how to build armour from a material known as Worbla.

Stefan Bachmann

Swiss/American Fantasy Author Stefan Bachmann

Swiss/American Fantasy Author Stefan Bachmann

Stefan Bachmann is a young author from the greater Zürich Area. He will read from his book The Whatnot on Thursday, May 14th. The Uncanny Book-Club had him on his podcast a while ago and we can tell you that he’s an amazingly fun guy and you should totally come listen to him read.

Workshops and Contests

While we’re on the topic of cosplay, there are contests that will try to find the best costume from our small country, with the stars in the jury. And so that you know how to improve and learn tricks from the pros, there’s a number of cosplay and Worbla – a foam-like material used to build costume armour – workshops.

You can learn Elvish, the language the Elves in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings speak. There’s a prop exhibition for the movies that has some of the most intricate costumes in movie history. For example: Some suits of armour have writing on the inside that is mentioned in the movies but it’s never seen. That’s the extent the people making the movies have gone to.

The Rest of Awesome

There’s more. Lots more. E-Sports, Indiana Jones exhibition, Sci-Fi Museum exhibition, medieval corner, sword shows, Comic shops, YouTube-Stars will be there. You play Magic: The Gathering? Guess what? There’s a tournament. Plenty of photo opportunities.

All in all, the makers of the con have outdone themselves. And that’s not even all. According to their website, there’s more to come. In fact, I haven’t even mentioned everything that goes on there. Check out the rest of the programming here.

Oh, and also, they’re looking for volunteers to help out around the con. So if you don’t have the money for tickets, then you can help out. You might not get to enjoy all the stuff you want to enjoy, but you’ll get backstage access to the convention.

The Uncannies at Fantasy Basel

Of course, The Uncanny Book-Club will be there in official capacity. We’re currently cooking up what exactly we’ll do, but I can tell you one thing:

If you want to, please show up in costume.

We’ll keep you updated what we’re up to as soon as we have confirmation of what we can do.

Where is it?

As the name suggests, Fantasy Basel is in Basel. Here’s a map

Fantasy Basel. Messe Basel

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Fantasy Basel. Messe Basel 47.564019, 7.599882

The easiest way to get there from Zürich is this.

  • Zürich HB to Basel is easy, take any train.
  • From Basel station, take the Tram #2 in the direction of Badischer Bahnhof.
  • Get off at Messeplatz.

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