The Best Books of 2014

The new year has started so, welcome to 2015! Looking back at the year past, our resident book expert Schira has put together the best reads of 2014. What were your favourites?

We Were Liars

Author: Emily Lockhart
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Why it’s on this list: I have heard from a lot of people in the shop and elsewhere that this was a great read. And I have to agree.

the_bone_clocks_david_mitchell_best_of_2014The Bone Clocks

Author: David Mitchell
Publisher: Random House
Why it’s on this list: A very entertaining read that both my friends and our customers really loved.

Hharry_potter_jonny_duddle_best_of_2014_coverarry Potter – Illustrated by Jonny Duddle

Author: Joanne K. Rowling
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Why it’s on this list: These editions finally manage to convey the magic that the story has. Jonny Duddle did an excellent job.

Modemodern_way_to_eat_anna_jones_best_of_2014rn Way To Eat

Author: Anna Jones
Publisher: Fourth Estate
Why it’s on this list: A vegetarian cookbook that points out that vegetarianism isn’t about not being able to but enables people in kitchens to create food that is simply delicious.

Aanatomy_of_a_misfit_andrea_portes_best_of_2014natomy of a Misfit

Author: Andrea Portes
Publisher: Harper Collins
Why it’s on this list: Romantic, gripping, funny and an all-around good read about young love, coming of age and life in general.

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