Der Koch – Impressions from the Premiere Event

Pictures speak more than a thousand words. This is why Silvia has been to the premiere of the movie that opens in Swiss cinemas today, Der Koch, armed with nothign but open eyes and her camera. Here are her impressions, starring the movies’s stars and a lot more.

In the movie, based on Martin Suter’s of the same name, a chef discovers a lucrative business in the middle of the global financial crisis. Food that has a certain effect on people who want to spend sexy hours together. But the problem is, does he want the recipes from his native Sri Lanka to become something like sex toys for profit?

Der Koch opens today in Swiss cinemas. Here’s a trailer.

About Silvia

With a keen eye for detail and armed with nothing but a camera, Silvia is the Uncannies' eyes at premiere events and captures the mood in pictures.

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