We are Groot!

This Saturday a record number of 40 Uncannies and friends invaded one of Zurich’s premier cinemas, the Metropol at Stauffacher, to watch the epic saga about the five extremely lovable outlaws making up the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thanks to Kitag, we were able to secure a large number of prime tickets. And the fact that Switzerland is one of the last countries Guardians, so far the most successful movie of 2014, opens in, definitely increased the turnout of fans. We were very happy to welcome so many familiar and new faces to the show! And as noted in our review, the movie does not disappoint, but introduces a whole new set of fantastic characters to audiences all over the world.

The anticipation was building long before the movie started, with fans bringing out their Marvel gear (I spotted a Spider-Man and Captain America Mask) and everyone buzzing with excitement for the newest installment of the Marvel Studios universe. Thanks to everyone’s flawless cooperation, the exchange of the over 40 tickets worked without a hitch and our diverse and large group was ready for a hell of a ride!

When it ended two hours and two wonderful post-credit scenes later, most viewers were glowing about the wonderful acting, brilliant humor and of course, the impeccable dancing of the characters combined with the impressive soundtrack.

Thank you to everyone for coming out last night. We hope you had a great time! How did you like the movie?

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