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Here’s some awesome news: Later this week, Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in Swiss Cinemas. And to coincide with the movie’s release, we’re giving away Captain America goodies, most of them are not available in stores. All you have to do? Answer one question.

Thanks to the Walt Disney Company Switzerland, we’re in possession of various fancy things. You can have those things after answering the quiz question below. Also, there’s some legalese further down that you don’t want to miss. So what can you get?

  • One Captain America Cap. It’s blue, has a big A stitched on it and comes in a nice distressed look.
  • One Captain America Notebook. Sturdy, white notebook for you to write in. Even if you don’t particularly like Captain America, you have use for this.
  • A set of Captain America Coasters and a sheet of Stickers: Pretty much what it says. The coasters are really cool, they’re shaped like Cap’s Shield.

Your turn now. Here’s a handy little form for you to fill out and that’s all you need to do to enter. Deadline is Friday, the 28th of March, 2014.

Also, check out our review of the movie that you shouldn’t miss if you like comic book movies!

Update: Game over! Contest closed. The winners have been notified. Congratulations, guys!

The question was: Who conducted the Super Soldier Experiment and was thus responsible for making Captain America into who he is?

The answer: It was a man named Abraham Erskine. The man also went by the name of Dr. Josef Renstein, but that was later revealed to be an alias. He was a German scientist who worked tirelessly on creating a supersoldier. His recipe: Exercise, diet and something he called Vita-Rays. Despite being German, he was a strong opponent of the Nazi ideology, even though he was working on creating the Übermensch. However, he was never able to create more than one dose of the fully functional super soldier serum that made Captain America into the hero we know today. Because right after injecting Steve Rogers with it, he gets killed by a Nazi assassin called Heinz Krüger.

That doesn’t mean that there never were any other superpowered people due to the serum. There was Protocide aka. Clinton McIntyre who got injected with an imperfect version of the serum and turned evil. Then there was Isiah Bradley, an African American man who was injected with a serum that tried to imitate Erskine’s after the scientist’s death. Bradley never consented to the injection and thus pretty much quit working for the government but he became an underground legend. And although retired, Bradley’s grandson Elijah fights on using the name of Patriot.

The rules:

  • You must be a Swiss resident. We will either send you the prize by mail or we’ll bring it to you. All other countries: We apologize.
  • Contestants may only enter once per sweepstakes.
  • While we do allow for typos in the answer, only entries with the correct answer are entered into the contest. (Read: It’s okay to spell his name Cpaitan Maeica, but not Hulk).
  • Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.
  • All decisions are final.
  • If your entry is late, it’s late.
  • We will only publish the names of the winners with their consent.
  • Your e-mail address will only be used to notify you in case you won.

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