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It’s not just writers and actors that were inspired by Beowulf. Singers also got ideas from the Geat who faced off against the monster Grendel and lived to tell the tale. From opera to folk metal, here are some of the songs that have been written about the cast and characters of the Anglo-Saxon poem, centuries after it was written.

In the latest installment of our Beowulf-Coverage, we will have a look at the music that were inspired by the great Geat hero of a thousand years ago. There’s not much to be said, really, because music is what it is. But if you want the story of the original poem, then check out the first part of our Beowulf special and if you want to see what authors have done with it, read the second part.

Howard Hanson – Lament for Beowulf  (1925)

Marillion – Grendel (1982)

Zandelle – The Beowulf Trilogy (2006)

Pertness – Beowulf (2008)

Ezequiel Viñao – Beowulf: Scyld’s Burial (2009)

Historyteachers – Beowulf (99 Luftballons by Nena) (2010)

Beowulf – Ge Basted Si Beowulf (2010)

The language spoken in this is Cebuano, also known as Binisaya or Visayan. It is spoken in the Phillippines by about 20 million people. From all I can tell, this is a song about love and not about Geats.

Baba Brinkman – Beowulf (2012)

Ashes to Embers – Beowulf (age unknown)

Lyrics can be found here.

A Rap Made for English Class – Beowulf (age unknown)

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