Good news, everyone. We’re on Goodreads now. We’ve finally gotten around to properly setting up our Goodreads Group and now we can share our book recommendations with you guys, just like you can share yours with us. What does this mean?

  • At the bottom right of the page you’re looking at right now, there’s our Goodreads Widget. It shows you all the books we talk about in our Podcasts. And probably more, too.
  • You can join our group and have fun with us on Goodreads too, recommend books to us and generally receive a +3 in awesomeness.
  • You can discuss the books we discussed and add your thoughts to them.
  • You can suggest books we should read. While we read a lot, we also agree on the fact that there’s no such thing as “too many books”.
  • You can give us the warm fuzzies by joining.


As a thank you, here’s a wallpapers-sized image of the cover of Neil Gaiman’s “Ocean at the End of the Lane”. I removed all the text to make it our cover-image for the Book-Club Goodreads group (which you should totally join) because we’re absolutely in love with not just the book but also the cover photo, which was taken by Lane Coder (Link!). The image should fit most, if not all screens on any operating system. And if it doesn’t, drop us a line in the comments down below and let us know.



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Possessing nigh-encyclopaedic knowledge when it comes to comic books and movies, Dom is one of the co-founders of the Uncanny Book-Club. He also enjoys movies, and going to the cinema.

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