Solar Prophet – Praise After the First Weekend

Pacific Rim has come. The people overseas, they’ve seen the movie already. So let’s have a look at who has what to say about the movie we’re all going to see come next Saturday in Zürich.

Let’s start off with the person many people consider to be the King of Moviecritics after Roger Ebert has, sadly, passed. A. O. Scott (The A. O. stands for Anthony Oliver, for all those of you who were wondering). The man had the following choice things to say:

So consider yourself warned. If you walk in expecting subtlety, or even novelty, you may find yourself more tormented than entertained. But “Pacific Rim” is also a reminder — either just in time or much too late — that this kind of movie can and should be fun… And who does not delight in seeing a robot punch a dinosaur every now and then — or pretty much constantly for two hours? … “Pacific Rim” is loaded with computer-generated imagery, but its soul is proudly mechanical. Its off-kilter sense of proportion harks back to the inspired models and stop-motion techniques of the late special-effects maestro Ray Harryhausen. Even in 3-D (which does not add much of interest), the images are composed of bright tones and blocky shapes, like old comic-book panels.

And Richard Roeper of Ebert & Roeper fame has made a video of his review.

Pacific Rim | Guillermo del Toro | Richard Roeper | Roeper’s Movie Reviews | The Reelz Show | Movie Trailer | Review

Our very favourite internet reviewer, only known as Comicbookgirl19, has had the following to say (she also has beer):

Today, I read Time Magazine. They had the following to say. Granted, there are more important articles in it, such as ground coverage from Egypt along with pictures of terrible atrocities, but we’re here to look forward to giant robots punching aliens.


And last but not least, 4chan’s comics and cartoons subforum named /co/ had the following verdicts, courtesy of multiple users:

Australia doesn’t deserve Striker Eureka

It’s a movie about grown men running around in spandex punching aliens. You’re looking for substance in the wrong place.

I liked Despicable Me 2… I just liked Idris Elba’s ass in a Jaeger pilot suit more.

So why am I writing about this? Because on the first official meeting of the Uncanny Book-Club, we’re going to see Pacific Rim. We’ll score some good seats and then watch the carnage unfold. However, before we do this, we’ll sit down and discuss where we’re going with this Book-Club. And you can be part of that! Check either our Facebook-Page or our Event-Calendar for details!

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