X-Men: Apocalypse


X-Men: Apocalypse. Where to begin? Seriously. Maybe with the sentence “Just when you thought they had it figured out”. So let’s get into one of the bigger messes I’ve seen this year and find out just where it went wrong… and what it did right.

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The Jungle Book

Shere Khan

The Jungle Book is one of my favourite Disney movies. So of course I was among the first in line to buy a ticket when the Jon Favreau directed live action adaptation was slated at Kitag’s site. Going in, I was excited. Coming out, I am very confused.

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Arrow – A Rant


I love Arrow. For the first time in maybe forever, Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen is relevant to a larger audience. But the CW’s hit show has its downsides. Not just in the context of the show, but in the context of the comic books that Ollie’s adventures are loosely…

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