Comments and Remarks on the 87th Oscar Ceremony

Last night, the 87th Academy Awards Ceremony was held in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, movie buffs stayed up all night to watch it. Resident movie fans Silvia and Dom share their thoughts.

The Justice League Painting Explained

Yesterday on the Uncanny Facebook we had a classic painting reimagined starring DC superheroes. Today, we give you the solution. So check out all the heroes on one poster with all their names.

The Interview – A Comedy and Real-Life Spy Thriller

In the final days of 2014, Sony pictures temporarily pulled the release of their comedy The Interview from theatrical distribution. The reason for this sounds like the plot right out of a spy novel, which we’ll also look at. The main problem with the movie is though, is that it’s a very typical American comedy.

Big Hero 6 – Worst German Title Ever

For a few days now, Disney’ latest animated film, Big Hero 6, is in Swiss cinemas. Under the awful title of Baymax – Riesiges Robowabohu. Why is it so terrible? Let’s find out.

Big Hero 6 – Heroes Re-Imagined

The latest movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios is only a few days away as it opens in Swiss cinemas next week. We’ve already seen it. So let’s have a look at it and its rather obscure roots deep in Marvel Comics history.

The Best Comics of 2014

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look back. Today, Dom has gone through his comic book collection and found the best comic book stories of the year.

The Best Books of 2014

The new year has started so, welcome to 2015! Looking back at the year past, our resident book expert Schira has put together the best reads of 2014. What were your favourites?

The Uncanny 2014 – A Year in Review

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to take a look at what we, as the Uncanny Book-Club, have achieved during the year. Not just us on a website, but all of us. Together. Because without you guys, this would all be for naught.

The Top Movies of 2014

It’s been a busy year here in the Uncanny Headquarters. But now that Christmas is right around the corner, let’s have a look back at the highlights of the year. Today, resident movie buff Silvia names her top movies of the year

The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies

Next week, the movie that will presumably be the last movie set in Middle-Earth will hit cinemas. We’ve already seen it and here’s our review of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

«Hey, Which Comic Should I Read?» #1

Pretty much at every Raid I get asked by people what comic books I recommend. Some of these people have never read a comic book before and they’re hoping to get into the hobby. To all those people: You’re awesome. And for you girls and guys, I have written this short guide.

The Secret World of Ms. Marvel

Artist Adrian Alphona is the main artist on G. Willow Wilson’s Ms. Marvel. Set in New Jersey, the book shows us the adventures of young Kamala Khan, fighting for truth and justice. However, not all is what it seems. There are a lot of things going on in the background.