Der Koch – Impressions from the Premiere Event

Pictures speak more than a thousand words. This is why Silvia has been to the premiere of the movie that opens in Swiss cinemas today, Der Koch, armed with nothign but open eyes and her camera. Here are her impressions, starring the movies’s stars and a lot more.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Outlaws in Outer Space

It’s the movie sensation of the year. Not only was Guardians of the Galaxy made, but the story of a tree, two green people, a raccoon and a man was a success. A huge ones. It really is hard to find something negative to say about the film, but there are a few nitpicky things.

Expendables 3 – Out With the Old? No!

They’re the old guard. They’re almost out of the game. But they’re the best mercenaries the world has ever seen. Played by the greatest action stars of recent decades, they’re The Expendables and they’re back to level yet another country in Expendables 3.